How to help do your part during this time

Let's Stay Home

Do your part and please stay home. Please only leave for essential reasons like groceries and emergencies. When shopping try to stay away from easily perishable items so you don't have to make frequent trips out (if at all). Also, be mindful when you shop for goods and don't over hoard items. Help others if you are able to. Donate extra goods and supplies if you are able. Donate extra medical supplies (like face masks) if you are able.

What's going on in the world right now is completely unimaginable, but the only way we can get through this is together. Please take this seriously and do your part ♡ remember your safer at home.

Take care, Lit Candle Supply


Spread the word:

What's something small you can you do right now to help in a big way? Spread the word, encourage your friends and family to also stay home. 


Helpful information and resources to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

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DIY at Home

- How to make your own homemade face mask

Good to know

- How long does COVID-19 live on surfaces


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