Candle Care

Your candle experience is our number one priority.
Here a a few tips to get the most out of every LIT candle +

 The first burn:

1. Be sure you pre-trim your wick to 1/4 inch before you light your candle (especially for the first time burn). This will ensure the candle burns evenly across, and not too hot due to a larger wick/flame.
2. Be sure you allow your candle to burn evenly to the edges all around. This will help the candle from tunneling in the center because you allowed it to burn evenly to the edge of the jar.

Re-lighting your candle: 

1. Be sure to trim your wick (again) and cut any excess wick off. Trim to 1/4 inch every time you re-light your candle. You can use a wick-trimmer, scissors, etc. 
2. Be sure your candle burns evenly to the edges all around before you turn your candle off.

Additional tips:

1. Be sure your lit candle is on a leveled surface.

2. Avoid positioning your candle in a place where there are any strong drafts, so your wick burns the wax as evenly as possible. (Example: Near a open window).

3. Keep out of reach from children and pets. Always keep an eye on your candle when it's lit.

4. There is a sticker located on the bottom of every candle with additional candle burning information.