The Perfect Fall Candle For Your Space

The Perfect Fall Candle For Your Space

Fall in love with our recently released Cinnamon + Pumpkin scented candle. Your home is a representing image of who you are so don't just have a plain boring fall scented candle. We focused on two main factors when releasing our fall candle.

1. The scent: Pumpkin + Cinnamon + Vanilla + Clove

We knew that the perfect fall candle needed to replicate the best scent of fall and that is pumpkin. To have the scent stand out compared to ordinary pumpkin scented candles on the market we added a touch of vanilla, cinnamon, and clove to bring a comforting earthy and spicy scented blend to the already loved pumpkin scent.

2. The Label: Let's Do Fall Shit

Let's be honest fall is the beginning season of activities such as pumpkin carving parties and trick or treating and even thanksgiving dinners. We love to get straight to the point and our team agreed Let's do fall shit was a perfect explanation to the fall season. 

Here at Lit Candle Supply we focus on creating products that are unique, different and express your beautiful personality. Shop our Let's do fall shit candle for a one of a kind scent and fall label. 

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