How To Keep Your Vehicle Smelling Fresh

How To Keep Your Vehicle Smelling Fresh

Our team has put together the the most effective way to use our vehicle sprays. I was amazed to find out that most my life I have been doing it wrong when keeping my vehicle fresh. 

1. Your Vehicle Air Conditioning:

Your vehicle air conditioning is the first scent you typically smell when you get into your car. If you are struggling with a older dusty scent coming from your air conditioning here is the simple fix. 

- When using our vehicle spray, First shake bottle before using and remove the cap. 

- Then you want to close your windows and turn on your air conditioner to circulating mode. This means your vehicle is not using outside air but recirculating the air from inside your car. 

- Once you completed the steps above your ready to freshen your vehicle and this is the most important step. You want to spray towards the passenger floor board  that's where your air conditioning is pulling the air from inside your vehicle threw your air filter and back out your vents. 

- Spraying towards the passenger floor board will freshen your vehicle air freshener filter. So next time you get into your vehicle it will smell fresh straight from your ac vents.  

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